Easter Eggs

TouchDesigner’s Hidden Egg!

By now, I’m sure that many of you do like finding Easter eggs. For those who haven’t got a chance to look, “Touch” has one hidden egg inside it as well. In order to find it, you just have to type “import this” into your TextPort window, press ENTER and voilà! The rabbit is out of the hat!

Wait… more rabbits?

There is also another rabbit who is expecting to jump out of my laptop into the vast digital universe of the interweb. Let me describe you this rabbit for a moment, his name is Harvey!

(Hats off for those who get that movie refference, and if not, go see this classic masterpiece, it’s a life changer, I promise!)

So, I have been carrying this rabbit with me for a while, and I have to thank some people for making his existence possible. One of them is Elburz Sorkhabi, who encouraged me to go chase my idea, and gave me a bit of structure and motivation to get me trough the process of setting it up. The other guys are my team, Les Ateliers Nomad, who have been more than supportive with this endeavor of mine, during this COVID 19 Lock Down period. Thanks guys, I love you all!

Keep the balance, Humpty Dumpty!

I wanted to give something back to the TouchDesigner community, because I have been forging my way into a carrier in these last years, building interactive installations for the general public exclusively with this piece of Derivative software. But we have to admit that “we are standing on the shoulders of giants”, as Simon Alexander Adams recently reminded me in one of our friendly talks.

And that is the absolute truth from my perspective. I have learned a lot from the most generous people who built the TD community by giving and giving and giving some more, for free, with love. I will always have a place in my heart for Elburz Sorkhabi, Matthew Ragan, DBraun, Markus Heckmann, and other HUGE names who I have been associating with the words “priceless shared knowledge”, but I also feel like there is a thick phone-book to be written with the names of all people who shared their time, generosity and skill in the community, on the Facebook forums, YouTube, and so on.

Further more, during this lock down period, things literally gone trough the roof. People are releasing and sharing their invaluable skills, and generosity and creativity feels at its peak. As it always has been in the TouchDesigner Community.

The Golden Egg

I’ve decided to build the courage to talk to some of the people who I’ve felt so close during my initial learning process, or even later on. I felt like I want to discover what motivated them to take on this journey that we all start and struggle with at first, to discover countless ways of realizing our dream projects after a while, with their precious help. I’m hoping that these talks will be able to reveal the person behind the tutorial.

TOP Players (Quarantined)

So, during this lock down period, I’ve asked them if they would be willing to talk for half an hour or so, on Zoom. And they said YES.

For this, I have to thank Billeam Tschepe, Markus Heckmann, Simon Alexander Adams.

They got me started, they endured my lack of professional interviewing skills. But I did not reach for an interview, instead we’ve engaged in a friendly talk that would reveal their wonderful personality. We talked about their journeys, current perspectives, and why not, their own secret resource arsenal which helped them succeed.

So guys, if you can forgive my lack of interviewer skills, and ignore the mic bumps and weird spoken English while trying to cover my overwhelming emotions, then I invite you to really absorb what these wonderful people we all appreciate, have to reveal about their ideas, work, and their creative process.

Here are TouchDesigner’s TOP Players.

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