Bileam Tschepe (elekktronaut)

"As long as I can remember, I've been expressing myself in different forms of art. In the beginning using analogue ways like drawing and sketching, writing or building with Lego blocks as well as learning a few instruments. Eversince I'm able to use a PC, this has been my main way of creating and sharing art. Over the years I've developed a deeper understanding of technology and its possibilities of creative work. I learned to love design, web and generative art and their connection to sound."
Bileam Tschepe

Time Table

00:00 – History and Background

09:40 – Finding Inspiration

12:00 – Discipline training

13:00 – Patreon and Youtube Tutorials

14:00 – Reaction Diffusion techniques

17:00 – Influences and creative inspiration

19:00 – Mikrokosmos – Personal Work

22:50 – Fur Augen und Ohr – Music Project

29:40 – Encouragements

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