Elburz Sorkhabi

"I like doing stuff. If I'm not doing stuff, I might die...So I try to find hard stuff to do that no one else is doing and I dominate it. Doesn't matter what it is. Music in my past career, TouchDesigner development, now teaching online and running a school, as well as other super secret but cool projects. Every choice I made was because I'm ALWAYS hungry and always pushing forward. When I wrote our TouchDesigner book, I was working 12 hours a day on projects, and then would work hours in the middle of the night on it. Be true to yourself and fight to the death, that's all there is."
Technical Director nVoid
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Time Table

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Credits for Top Players
03:30 – Music and past career
07:40 – Mind of a champion
14:00 – Discipline and will power
19:30 – Separate the work from you life
22:30 – Under The Stars
25:00 – Expressing your emotions
29:00 – Turn things into behaviors
30:00 – 10 minutes a day
32:46 – Deep Work
45:45 – Getting into Teaching
01:00:00 – Calling Batman
01:04:00 – The Interactive & Immersive HQ
01:15:00 – Marketing is important
01:22:00 – First thing is #hit
01:23:00 – Super Secret Project Unofficial teaser
01:24:00 – The Fog of Wiki
01:32:00 – Mediation – Headspace
01:44:46 – Existentialism and meaning
01:58:00 – Dissapearing Off The Grid
02:00:00 – Projects vs own creative content
02:13:00 – Learn when to STFU
02:16:00 – Time Machine – What would you change?
02:18:00 – Marketing? Again?
02:27:00 – Hybrid Events?
02:31:00 – Encouragement

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