Simon Alexander Adams (polyhop)

"Simon Alexander-Adams is a multimedia artist and designer working within the intersection of music, visual arts and technology. He specializes in real-time generative art, interactive installations and audiovisual performances. He is inspired by the emergent patterns found in nature and uses complex systems to simulate natural phenomenon in the pursuit of organic textures and surprising interactions. He also draws on a love of fractals and geometry, science fiction and glitch art (the aesthetics of failure.)"
Simon Alexander Adams
Multimedia Artist

Time Table

00:00 – History and Background


02:00 – Personal Journey

06:00 – Daily Practice and Influences

10:00 – From Tutorials to Personal Projects

14:00 – Polyhop’s Instagram

20:00 – Personal Webpage

21:00 – The Tutorials

30:00 – Current Interest (TD Screenshare)

36:00 – Valuable Online Resources

36:45  – The Book of Shaders

41:30 – Dan Brown’s Github

42:42 – Paketa12

47:00 – The BIG Works

53:00 – Installations Challenges

58:00 – SAAJTAK

01:00:00 – Jumping between Roles

01:07:00 – Future Prospects

01:08:00 – Encouragements

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